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As a current Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, I plan on conducting research in hydrogen technology in applications to aviation and motor vehicle manufacturing, while gaining a deeper understanding of Battery Technology. My time as an Energy Engineering major student with a double minor in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Leadership at The Pennsylvania State University has prepared me well in applying my skills in Chemistry, Mathematics, Financial Modelling, and Computational Modeling of different technologies in the energy sector.


I am intrigued by engineering systems related to Power Generation and Energy Storage Systems and strongly believe that change is very important in order to sustain a better future. I find it fascinating how complex materials are and how we can attain different materials for different engineering practices.


In this blog, I strive to educate and inform our readers about the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy source. Through this blog, we aim to share the latest advancements and developments in the utilization, generation, transportation, and storage of hydrogen, as well as various battery technologies. Our mission is to inspire and promote the adoption of sustainable energy solutions for a better future.

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Throughout my time working  together with Mufaddal, he has been a reliable, dedicated, and integral part of the work we do at TEDxPSU. He is not afraid to try something new, nor is he shy to take on a task he has never done before. Mufaddal is the kind of person that good organizations are founded upon. During his time at TEDxPSU he became the bedrock for the organizational culture and has gone out of his way to mentor and develop leaders to replace him upon graduation. Any company would be lucky to have him on their team.
Kyle Funck | TEDxPSU

Mufaddal is a hardworking and genuinely curious individual. I had the pleasure of mentoring Mufaddal during his internship at PPL Electric Utilities. His interest in the topic and insightful questions tested my knowledge and even lead to a perspective that led to discovery, that impacted my field testing. Genuine interest and thought provoking questions are how engineers like myself solve problems. A fresh prospective is why engineers thrive in a multi-disciplinary team. Communication skills are a often overlooked virtue in the engineering space, as no one person can solve everything. Mufaddal has both strong communication and intelligence that I expect will take him far in his professional career.
Brendan Kelly | PPL Electric Utilities

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